Written over the first half of 2019 these pieces utilize the sampling technology of Native Instruments, Ample Sounds, and Music Lab. The quality and realism of these sounds along with the multitude of instruments provides an unprecedented palate for the modern composer. Using Finale Notation Software as a canvas, every detail and nuance can be manipulated. While the technology doesn’t replace live performance it does eliminates the problem of getting any number of musicians in the same room at the same time and, is easy on ones budget!

When Sparks Fly

I thought I saw you again yesterday


What once seemed like forever…

When we are young life seemed to take forever to pass. Now in my late fifties life is passing faster and faster with every day. I tried to capture the feeling, mood, and pensivness of maturing.

The Source

Inspired by 70’s Prog Rock and Fusion.

Angular Assessment

The title is derived from the angular movement of the melodies and the alternating time signatures of 3, 4, 6, and 7.