Concerto For Classical Guitar And Chamber Orchestra

This is a three movement work based loosely on the traditional Concerto Form. Composed between 2000 and 2002 this was part of the portfolio presented to CMU for enrollment. This current version is a revision to update phrasing, dynamics, and playback quality.

The movements follow a “fast, slow, fast” arrangement. The musical themes are all related between the movements, all being derived from the same motif. The overall form of all three movements together, each movement in itself, and smaller sections within each movement are based upon the Golden Section; i.e. 8 x .618=4.944 or 5, 8-5=3, 3+5 is the Golden Ratio of the number 8.

Instead of composing an eight measure melody in 4+4 measures, it is more aesthetically pleasing to compose either 5+3 or 3+5 measures. This also provides places for important events to take place within the structure.

Movement I. Allegretto

Movement II. Adagietto

Movement III. Allegro Moderato