Four Songs for Voice and Piano

Searching For Truth

Oh how exquisite this feeling we’re told. To wonder, to know, to know when our senses unfold. We experience the moments as they blossom and grow, first one then another till they endlessly flow. Reaching out to embrace we find life at our door, reaching, posing the question, will it be thus evermore? Oh how exquisite we’re told, to know when our senses unfold.

A Path Unknown

Walk with me you ask. The question seems to float amongst our shimmering dreams. Hands clasped, eye to eye you tell me of the path. A landscape painted by your words on the canvas of my heart. Visions of tenderness and beauty, awaiting our arrival, patient in their wait for our start.

The Hidden and Unseen

Do I dare question why? An act so bold as if life’s course I will defy. Am I to know what fate I’ve chosen before the moment comes to light. I seek out a destined conclusion only to find a shadow fall between. A telling voice to remind me, of the hidden and unseen. The hidden and unseen.

The Untamed Nature of Love

Be still oh waiting heart, your truth lies closer than you know. Unfolding to reveal the untamed nature of love. Swept up in its storm of emotion. Fear not the rocky shore, for you are the ocean creating anew with each crashing wave and your gentle caress. To all will be revealed the untamed nature of love.